We are back once again to wax philosophic about Lauren Boebert, Social Media's impact on cancel culture and Flat Earthers.  Thanks for listening and please give us a rating on your podcast streamer of choice.

Jon Gruden emailed people some horrible shit.  We talk about it.  Shannon finds yet another way to discuss his sinuses and J-Bird returns to tell us that sound tracks are dead!!!

Our return was long overdue, and we are happy to be back in studio and talking about subject matter that matters.  This week we talk Mike Richards from Jeopardy, Anti-Vax rhetoric and whats been going on in our lives since we went on hiatus from recording due to the pandemic.


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We are back...well sorta.  We remotely do a new episode and temporarily rename the podcast The Quarantine Cantina, plus where we talk about the best thing we have watched since the Stay at Home order was issued, Shannon's Facebook troll and more.  

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Our buddy John (a different John, we are friends with several) stops by the studio for a conversation about youth sports, cost, parents and other things that going into keeping your little shits happy.


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On this episode we discuss the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus and other instances of world wide outbreaks.  Are we in panic mode for nothing or should we be worried?  Plus, Shannon again announces his intentions of quitting comedy.  


We are joined in studio by Comedian Durand Erickson as we attempt to break down the psychology of being a Minnesota Vikings fan. Fresh off our most recent playoff exit, we discuss how and why we are still wearing purple after all these disappointments.  Plus, we weigh in with our Super Bowl picks. 


This episode of What The Hell Did You Say?!? is sponsored by Black Diamond Tinting and Auto Accessories in Little Canada, MN.  Check them out there - https://blackdiamondmn.com/

We are back with the final episode of the three part series about religion.  On this episode we talk to Comedian Ric McCloud who identifies as a Strong Atheist and has spent time breaking down why he doesn't believe there is a god.  We talk logic, faith and everything in between.

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Another look at spirituality and religion, this time from Nick, a self-described Spiritual Junkie.  Nick has explored a vast amount of religious theories and history and has chosen different religions at different points in his life.  From nearly becoming a Jesuit to Buddhism he has great insight on his personal journey and some ideas that would benefit everyone.  

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Episode one of our three part segment on religion begins with an excellent discussion about Atheism.  John was raised Catholic, attended Catholic schools but now identifies as an Atheist.  A humors and candid discussion about his personal beliefs.

Plus, Comedian Tommy Thompson sits in as a guest host and tries to convince Shannon and Pete to attend church with him.  Sparking a funny brotherly exchange.  

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