Some kids like sports and some kids like musical theater.  Then there is Kevin who likes both, which leads some people to draw the incorrect conclusion that he is gay.  Kevin has a great story of growing up on the left coast and being an unconventional kid.

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Overpopulation Reduction Advocate David Paxson stops by the basement to talk about overpopulation, what that is doing to the planet and how people misunderstand population reduction.  Jason and Pete are at their day jobs, Shannon solo's this one.  

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Comedian, vegetarian and Facebook rule breaker Nathan Timmel joins Shannon to talk about his perspective on being a vegetarian, political correctness and letting people be themselves.  

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Stay at home dads can be found in the stranger places.  Our buddy Andrew, a comedian on hiatus and a former Wall Street tycoon joins us to talk about being the primary caregiver for his two daughters.  We also discuss a car accident Andrew had and Shannon reveals how he recently got six stitches above his left eye.

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Coming next week.

Marriage, it is a conversation we delve into with our latest guest Andy, a 43 yr old male that has never walked down the aisle.  We talk about how he is perceived in the world as an unmarried man, if he has regrets about it and other marriage related topics.  

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Uncle Dave

Dave Primeau, or to those of us that know him well, Uncle Dave joins us in studio to talk about the male perspective regarding a childless existence.  Its a funny, insightful conversation that ends with Pete doing his Silence of the Lambs impression.  

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Cindy Schmidt joins the guys in studio to discuss being a woman without children, how she came to that decision and what effect it has had on her life.  If you like the show, please show some love and give us a review.  You can also support us here - by subscribing to Pete's Pals.  

Music is subjective and different genres speak to different people, so why do we mock and judge people for what they have in their musical catalog?  This episode attempts to shed light on that.  It's a fun look at what people bob their heads to.  Shannon's brother, Comedian Tommy Thompson joins this discussion.  

We are joined in studio by our guest A.  We discuss gender, labels and how information can change the way we all view each other.  It is a great episode that illuminated a topic that has substantial importance.


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